megaphoneSCAVENGE is committed to disseminate its research achievements. For this, we communicate our findings to academia, industry and general public via different means, as listed below.
We endorse Open Access policy. Therefore, for all our publications, the final peer-reviewed manuscript will be uploaded into an open official repository.
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Scientific Publications

We publish our achievements in scientific journals and present our results in international conferences.
You can find our list of publications at the following link.


WP2 – Energy Models

D2.1 – WP2 Intermediate Report
D2.2 – Energy Model Definition

WP3 – Sustainable Networking

D3.1 – WP3 Intermediate Report
D3.2 – Sustainable 5G Networking

WP4 – Resource Optimization

D4.1 – WP4 Intermediate Report
D4.2 – Sustainable Network Optimization

WP5 – End-device Communication

D5.1 – WP5 Intermediate Report
D5.2 – Sustainable End-device Communication

WP6 – Integration with the Smart Grid

D6.1 – WP6 Intermediate Report
D6.2 – Integration of Energy Harvesting 5G Network with the Smart Grid

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