Network resource allocation policies with energy transfer capabilities

Contact names: Dr. Paolo Dini and Marco Miozzo

Institution: CTTC

Application deadline:

Description: This project investigates on possible integration architectures between the energy harvesting mobile network and the smart electricity grid. In particular, the main scope is to study the capability of 5G mobile networks of intelligently routing energy in a micro grid of interconnected conventional/renewable energy sources and loads to (i) satisfy the demand of communication networks while avoiding energy outages in zones with high user density and/or low ambient energy availability and (ii) to provide ancillary services to the grid.

Expected Results: Build theory-to-practice understanding of energy routing systems and of the associated performance trade-offs. Design of joint traffic/energy allocation policies for environmentally powered networks with energy transfer capabilities taking into account complexity constraints, energy storage capability and partial system-state knowledge at the BSs. Machine Learning will be explored to predict/estimate/model load demands and to take appropriate actions (e.g., direct load control, load shifting, gamification) to provide sufficient energy to satisfy the demand.

Mobility Schedule: The candidate will be mainly hosted at CTTC.

After 24 months, the candidate will join Selta spa for 8 months under the supervision of Francesco Cesena to elaborate the smart micro-grid implementation constraints via theoretical models to evolve the subject to more realistic on-line optimisation solutions.

Requirements of the candidate:

  • At the time of recruitment, the applicant must not have lived in Spain for more than 12 months in the previous 36 months

  • A Master degree in Telecommunications, Computer Science or equivalent

  • Once selected by the SCAVENGE consortium for the ESR positions, the applicants must apply for PhD studentship at Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC).

  • Knowledge on mobile networks, sensor networks, big data

  • Knowledge on energy systems and management

  • Ability and motivation to conduct high-quality research, including publishing the results in relevant venues

  • Strong programming skills (e.g. C/C++, Java, Python).

  • Working experience in the areas of Mobile Networks, Sensor Networks, Smart Grid, Energy Harvesting, Big Data management, Cloud computing is an advantage.

  • Knowledge on Optimization Theory is an advantage.

  • Knowledge on Energy grid architecture is an advantage.

  • Very good communication skills in oral and written English.

  • Open-mindedness, strong integration skills and team spirit.