smartSchool_3: New scenarios for 5G Mobile Networks:
Smart City, Smart Grid, Public Protection and Disaster Relief

July 2nd – 9th, 2017
University of Padova

Bressanone / Brixen, Italy


The School_3 of the SCAVENGE training program aims at providing knowledge on different topics related to electricity grids, energy efficiency and saving, such as:

  • smart grids
  • Internet of energy
  • micro-grids
  • distributed control
  • neural networks
  • Bayesian networks
  • Kernel learning

The School_3 is co-organized under the initiative of the University of Padova called Summer School of Information Engineering (SSIE) and will be held in Bressanone/Brixen, Italy, at the University of Padova site. The PhD School will be held in conjunction with the H2020 project InRel NPower. The collaboration between our projects in the same summer school will lead to mutual enrichment and will provide a great education opportunity for the students, who will see energy efficiency issues from different angles: the technology side and the telecommunication side.
You can find more information on the Summer School program, its location and how to enrol on the SSIE website.

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